Preston Built a Secret HIDDEN Room to CHEAT in Hide and Seek!

Preston Built a Secret HIDDEN Room to CHEAT in Hide and Seek! with Brianna 👊
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  1. Scarlette Burt

    Scarlette Burt

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    Preston I love all you videos

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  3. amber amber

    amber amber

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    This is so weird but looks so funny too!!hahaha🥳

  4. rich bob

    rich bob

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    what just scott do inside of keeley hiding spot eyyyyyyyyyy

  5. Charlie Lawrence

    Charlie Lawrence

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    I am one of your biggest fans I have subscribed to Preston and bree

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    Amy Halford

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    I love your videos

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    March is my b-day

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  11. Kartik Upadhyay

    Kartik Upadhyay

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    11:10 most popular line of a anime fan for his waifu Imao

  12. Tim Gamz

    Tim Gamz

    3 kun oldin

    I laughed so hard at your joke i nearly died brianna

  13. Stella Hammock

    Stella Hammock

    4 kun oldin

    I’m two months late whoops

  14. Qzai_ Khan

    Qzai_ Khan

    4 kun oldin

    Nice spot Preston

  15. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

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    OgA bOgA

  16. Isak Zaritsky

    Isak Zaritsky

    4 kun oldin

    Scott in the box with keely lollllll

  17. Jen Costello

    Jen Costello

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  18. Jen Costello

    Jen Costello

    5 kun oldin

    the funny thing is that everyone is dateing but chase lol

  19. Brandi Desmond

    Brandi Desmond

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    I think Presion is the best hiding spot

  20. Slime or Out

    Slime or Out

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    Thank you for the cookie Preston!

  21. Jayden Chesney

    Jayden Chesney

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  22. Brooke Shepard

    Brooke Shepard

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    Bro Preston looked like he had a double chin in the vending machine

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    Izabella Delossantos

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    vending machine

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    kian davis

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    eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee

  26. Selene Tovar

    Selene Tovar

    6 kun oldin

    Its cute how Scott and Keeley were hiding together and Bri did not see Scott LOL and is it just me or did it look Luke they were cuddling

  27. Alexa volosyn

    Alexa volosyn

    6 kun oldin

    I miss Royally B..... 😔😓

  28. Wxrthless_bear


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    Uhhhh Preston uhhh yeah

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    Rochelle Curpen

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    Ewwww and NO!!!!

  30. Leen Khattab

    Leen Khattab

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    In the bigining

  31. Leen Khattab

    Leen Khattab

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    I saw a key in preston's place i think he did not see it

  32. C and C Games

    C and C Games

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    Preston ( Brianna ) is pretty

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  34. Irais Armenta

    Irais Armenta

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    new title idea: Hide and Seek but its EA

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    gabriela perez

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    ew brianna i love you

  36. Grace Miller

    Grace Miller

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    Hey I love to watch your videos I am my sister's brother I love please I love Preston's videos don't tell him that I will be playing on the server in about five in about five days

  37. Sweet Deeds AES

    Sweet Deeds AES

    7 kun oldin

    bri:what do you call a hamburger that robs a back me:....... Bri:a hamburgeler

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    HI It is BROOKE.G

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    Vending machine

  39. Mr. & Mrs. Patwardhan

    Mr. & Mrs. Patwardhan

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    Preston Built a Secret HIDDEN Room to CHEAT in Hide and Seek! with Brianna 👊

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    Kimberly Sorensen

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    I'm wearing Royally B merch

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    Mr. & Mrs. Patwardhan

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    Briana your so cute 🥰

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    Joe’s VR Comedy !

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    Give me more cookies

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    You rock

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    I am such a big fan

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    No u don’t Preston LAMO

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    Vending machine

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    You the best

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    Vending machine

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    Thank you for the 🍪

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  52. Naron MDivine

    Naron MDivine

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    I like how scott just like hiding with keeley in the box



    9 kun oldin

    Me me man

  54. مرام بنت قطر

    مرام بنت قطر

    9 kun oldin

    Like a mono Rebecca Mollo in jail

  55. Shaina Amaya

    Shaina Amaya

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    preston told us to say he was pretty i am saying he is cind of pretty

  56. Yaddy Palacios

    Yaddy Palacios

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    you look like a monster

  57. Christin York

    Christin York

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    may 18 is my birthday and I love yore videos and i want to come to yore hose for my birthday and if I cooed come to yore and prestons hose for my birthday i am terning 10 on may 18 pls

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    Love you so much you are the Best UZtop or ever.

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    3:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I can not hide in small spots.

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    I love your videos I love your videos I love your videos I love your videos I love your videos

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    love the vids

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    dude scott is op

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    Why am I getting notifications of people commenting am I don’t know I’m not really the owner

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    vending machine is better preston

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    Christopher Parziale

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    Your foot might not be supposed to do that Preston, but mine do normally.

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    i wonder what preston sis and his sis bf doing there

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    ive never got a featued comment plz give me one!

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    100000% vending mashine

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    I came from Rebecca

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    preston you looked pretty (pretty creerpy)

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    J & K play's

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    I'm a 🧠brain 🧠

  83. • weeb1457 •

    • weeb1457 •

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    Brianna: intensly tries to find preston* Preston: is your foot suposed to be able to do this?

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    O m gggggg

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    your pritty

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    Evelyn Hulse

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    Preston looks like a horror character in one part



    15 kun oldin

    My youngest daughter is a big fan of your videos! She can stand watching every videos of yours played on our TV! And I must say that I did enjoyed it too.. From: Philippines here

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    Preston looks pretty

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    Not a hater Is the opposite of pretty

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    I'm sorry but chase is so annoying!

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    Why did chase sell preston out not fair

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    at 5:25 the text that pop up one of the line said Really he should know why to subscribe to briana's channels because of how amazing it it there was an error on how amazing it is

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    Amber Roseanita

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    I subscribed you when i saw your video for the first time

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    I am sure you are going to win