5 UNBREAKABLE Houses vs an Actual SWAT Team! - Challenge

5 UNBREAKABLE Houses vs an Actual SWAT Team! - Challenge with Brianna 👊
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  1. GatchaKillerXoXo Farrey

    GatchaKillerXoXo Farrey

    11 soat oldin

    If the editor is reading this tell him I'm not his biggest fan

  2. GatchaKillerXoXo Farrey

    GatchaKillerXoXo Farrey

    11 soat oldin

    The poor Editor

  3. Steve Corbett

    Steve Corbett

    15 soat oldin


  4. arturo requenez

    arturo requenez

    Kun oldin

    I would call the swat team

  5. chris wotton

    chris wotton

    2 kun oldin

    What everybody says in the comments

  6. Bobby's Adventures

    Bobby's Adventures

    3 kun oldin

    Preston looks at his bank account

  7. BubbaHubbaWubba


    4 kun oldin


  8. BubbaHubbaWubba


    4 kun oldin


  9. Vince Nasharine Sembrano

    Vince Nasharine Sembrano

    4 kun oldin

    Brianna are you translate the 150 in filipino

  10. Raymond Faiilagi

    Raymond Faiilagi

    5 kun oldin

    you look cute 😍💓☺💕💗💖😍💓☺💕💗💖😍💓☺💕💗💖😍

  11. Kyle W Pink

    Kyle W Pink

    5 kun oldin

    You’re pretty Bree

  12. Toasty bread billy

    Toasty bread billy

    6 kun oldin




    6 kun oldin

    Why is the only girl the weakest I’m stronger then yall

  14. CalvinVlog


    6 kun oldin

    One of the mods should be half time

    • CalvinVlog


      6 kun oldin

      With no weapons modifier there just attack team instead of special weapons attack team(AT not SWAT)

    • CalvinVlog


      6 kun oldin

      With many weapons they’re just weapons attack team and not special weapons attack team (WAT not SWAT

  15. Mc Pharty

    Mc Pharty

    6 kun oldin


  16. Joshua Mitzel

    Joshua Mitzel

    6 kun oldin

    I would use the chain saw

  17. Alejandro Palacios

    Alejandro Palacios

    7 kun oldin

    the first tool i will yous for the last one chainsaw

  18. Thunder Cetrics

    Thunder Cetrics

    7 kun oldin

    Bricks are made of cemant and cemant is liquid

  19. jorge montero pinskiey

    jorge montero pinskiey

    9 kun oldin

    bri i think they can not break that door but it is very loud. i love your videos and preston videos.

  20. Рекетьор


    9 kun oldin

    why are you playing dumb like its not cute its cringe

  21. Susana Hernandez

    Susana Hernandez

    10 kun oldin

    I love your videos

  22. Kanthimathi R

    Kanthimathi R

    11 kun oldin

    Bri I am your biggest fan

  23. Garrett Spencer

    Garrett Spencer

    13 kun oldin

    my head is my wepon

  24. Karen Martinez

    Karen Martinez

    13 kun oldin

    Miss Brianna I’m already in the dark

  25. Makayli lazo

    Makayli lazo

    15 kun oldin

    Um bri its actuly ciento cincuenta. I speak spanish.

  26. Lasse Kragelund

    Lasse Kragelund

    15 kun oldin

    A drill would have been the ideal tool

  27. Shadow Fighter

    Shadow Fighter

    15 kun oldin

    Imagine someone broke in with guns and the swat team was in the building the guys will get destroyed

  28. TigerKittyGaming


    16 kun oldin

    I don't know why but I would run into the polycarbonite wall

  29. Aiden Batman

    Aiden Batman

    17 kun oldin


  30. Ace Walton

    Ace Walton

    19 kun oldin


  31. Kurt Daniel Rodriguez

    Kurt Daniel Rodriguez

    20 kun oldin

    Isang sengkwenta that's from the Philippines

  32. Ozzie Paul

    Ozzie Paul

    21 kun oldin


  33. rxbtz


    21 kun oldin


  34. rxbtz


    21 kun oldin

    7:49 #3 brick house: Cameraman: can you check the door thing? Bri: */pulls the door thingy then BREAKS/* hahhahahha

  35. Sonya Rhodes

    Sonya Rhodes

    23 kun oldin

    Chain saw

  36. Lord Phantom

    Lord Phantom

    23 kun oldin

    Why is her content ending up better then prestens

  37. Miriam Ruiz

    Miriam Ruiz

    23 kun oldin

    What if we all subscribe to Preston on may first

    • Miriam Ruiz

      Miriam Ruiz

      23 kun oldin

      Or Brianna on mother’s day

  38. David Brown

    David Brown

    23 kun oldin

    You have more subscribers than Preston

  39. Tiger


    24 kun oldin

    17:50 lol 😂

  40. Ada Clayton

    Ada Clayton

    25 kun oldin

    Where is nick I have not seen him or Keith or barny lately

  41. kingshawn


    26 kun oldin


  42. #puppy Love

    #puppy Love

    27 kun oldin

    Sledge hamer

  43. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen

    27 kun oldin

    if you don't know what bricks are made of here is Officially, the term brick is used to denote a building unit made of shaped clay, but in modern times it is used to refer to any stone- or clay-based building unit that is joined with cementitious mortar when used in construction. Typically, bricks are about 4 wide, 8 inches long, with a variety of thicknesses.

  44. Melissa Kynnedi

    Melissa Kynnedi

    27 kun oldin

    i would use chain saw

  45. Mary Chantler

    Mary Chantler

    27 kun oldin

    when i frist sole you i was like wow

  46. CourtneyUwU Smile

    CourtneyUwU Smile

    27 kun oldin

    5:49 Hay hay

  47. CourtneyUwU Smile

    CourtneyUwU Smile

    27 kun oldin

    Am I the only one laughing at the edits on the bottom

  48. The queww

    The queww

    28 kun oldin

    My weapon of choice would be the one the only stormbreaker Thor’s axe

  49. Muckbil Musleh

    Muckbil Musleh

    29 kun oldin


  50. Cohen Houseman

    Cohen Houseman

    29 kun oldin

    Slege hammer

  51. That sad Lyrics Kid

    That sad Lyrics Kid

    Oy oldin

    Shut up

  52. nafees Akhter

    nafees Akhter

    Oy oldin

    They need to work so they can train🌚🌚🖕

  53. Gaming roblox

    Gaming roblox

    Oy oldin

    Can u ask them if u have payn sometimes

  54. Jin Jonathan

    Jin Jonathan

    Oy oldin

    bricks are made of bricks

  55. woodland grizzly

    woodland grizzly

    Oy oldin

    Watching her not know how to use a hammer is making my destructive side kick in

  56. Ryan Farrow

    Ryan Farrow

    Oy oldin


  57. JK


    Oy oldin

    We have baby tools *brings out a tomahawk

  58. Anderson Blake

    Anderson Blake

    Oy oldin


  59. Mason Mckeefer

    Mason Mckeefer

    Oy oldin


  60. Phil Hergenreder

    Phil Hergenreder

    Oy oldin

    This is so cringe

  61. Samuel Pattinson

    Samuel Pattinson

    Oy oldin

    Rocket launcher🙂🙂🙂!!!

  62. Kaylee huth

    Kaylee huth

    Oy oldin


  63. Hybrid jussi

    Hybrid jussi

    Oy oldin

    Me a dog

  64. Sonya Clements

    Sonya Clements

    Oy oldin


  65. Gauntlet TV

    Gauntlet TV

    Oy oldin


  66. Conor Sulkling

    Conor Sulkling

    Oy oldin

    Of you think oboutit thy do this stuff every day

  67. RajaDon911 RajaDon911

    RajaDon911 RajaDon911

    Oy oldin

    How do you Minecraft character looks I’ve been tortured

  68. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul

    Oy oldin


  69. Raja Shetty

    Raja Shetty

    Oy oldin

    I love it when you are making vidios

  70. AClutchboy


    Oy oldin

    Dang bro the houses are unbreakable but she says the swat has to destroy them dang.

  71. Darrel Prince

    Darrel Prince

    Oy oldin

    Wow every video like makes them more and more fake

  72. Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis

    Oy oldin

    11:15 is not steel..



    Oy oldin

    18:39 I choose tool is flame thrower

  74. Anonymous 001

    Anonymous 001

    Oy oldin

    um if ennard from fnaf his wires william/springtrap/scraptrap/glitchtrap probally his fave thing Knifes nightmares there claws C.B Mini scooper oh and ennard too just he would use the scooper same with molten freddy not the scooper wires idk wo else ballora Minireas maybe?

  75. Wesley Bartholomew

    Wesley Bartholomew

    Oy oldin

    You need to stop touching the wheel you keep slowing it down

  76. JakeHeadman Bighead

    JakeHeadman Bighead

    Oy oldin

    The first tool I would use is a nuke

  77. Jaiden Joseph [1301-S]

    Jaiden Joseph [1301-S]

    Oy oldin

    what are bricks made of

  78. Lemon


    Oy oldin


  79. Xyrel Ubowon

    Xyrel Ubowon

    Oy oldin

    It's senkwenta idk I'm filipino and I say idk to a filipino word hhahahahahahaha



    Oy oldin

    Plexiglass is used to make bullet proof glass along with many other things like windows and custom animal tanks and different kinds of cool things

  81. jill allison

    jill allison

    Oy oldin

    why did you cheat on Preston Brianna

  82. Taylor Wells

    Taylor Wells

    Oy oldin

    ID use a chain-saw

  83. Julie Rosero

    Julie Rosero

    Oy oldin

    Bir you are so beautiful

    • Julie Rosero

      Julie Rosero

      Oy oldin

      I know is not Bir is Bri

  84. ember_God


    Oy oldin

    Ok if the swat needed the peunt butter I can eat it then clean it lafmo

  85. Reaper Gaming

    Reaper Gaming

    Oy oldin

    A saw

  86. Umar C_03

    Umar C_03

    Oy oldin

    I would use Thamite

  87. Max


    Oy oldin

    want a tip? SIMPLE bulldozer ;)

  88. Call Of Duty King

    Call Of Duty King

    Oy oldin

    Hehe briana is cheating on preston she is I love with the swat team XD

  89. Jackson Wai

    Jackson Wai

    Oy oldin


  90. Rafael Gonzalez

    Rafael Gonzalez

    Oy oldin

    Bri needs 10 million sub

  91. riley souza

    riley souza

    Oy oldin

    u hired the weakest swat team in the world

  92. Nickolas McKinney

    Nickolas McKinney

    Oy oldin

    My lil sis and my mom and me LOVE your vids that have swat teams and We LOVE all vids you make

  93. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Oy oldin


  94. siam stamporoski

    siam stamporoski

    Oy oldin

    Are you the real UZtop?

  95. Lethal Pancakes

    Lethal Pancakes

    Oy oldin

    For the brick thy should’ve used a breaching charge

  96. Fortnite Fan

    Fortnite Fan

    Oy oldin

    Unspeakable risked his life and didn't put an actual SWAT team so I think your over reacting.

  97. Sexxy Dick

    Sexxy Dick

    Oy oldin

    Sell out

  98. Pédri Louw

    Pédri Louw

    Oy oldin


  99. Gage Ebert

    Gage Ebert

    Oy oldin

    Its funny how you steal everyone elses idea its very annoying for other youtubers

  100. Jaiden Walters

    Jaiden Walters

    Oy oldin